Cameo Communications, Inc. manufactures and assembles computer network communication equipments and communication products specializing in Layer 2 Management Ethernet Switch, Wireless Client Adapter, Wireless LAN AP/Router, SOHO Router, Ethernet Switches, Media Converter, USB to Ethernet Converter, Web-Smart Switches and Ethernet NIC, Network card, Network hub, Network Router, Network residential gateway Through innovative product design and marketing, we have built a presence in well over a dozen industrialized nations by forming strategic relationships with systems integrators, distributors, VARs and other resellers. Sales have grown dramatically as a result of aggressive channel development and clear perception of market needs. Contact us to collaborate!


Product development at Cameo is oriented toward helping resellers and end users plan for the future. Cameo products are designed to let users construct enterprise-wide networks supporting a variety of protocols under the control of a sophisticated network management system. We can maintain our price position because the architecture of our hubs facilitates enhancement to accommodate more channels and different protocols. Existing customers can upgrade their equipment quickly and easily, and our products are appealing to an unusually broad spectrum of potential customers.


Cameo firmly believes in the principle of providing both top quality and the best possible price/performance ratio. Our driving force is commitment to value, quality and reliability; our guiding principle is respect for our customers, suppliers, resellers and employees. Hubs are quickly becoming a commodity product, much in the manner of the PC. Cameo’s aim has always been to design and build cost-effective hubs, without technical compromise.

Let’s talk

Cameo maintains open communication with customers and field organizations through Internet. Company officials spend as much time as possible in the field, working closely with marketing and technical support personnel and meeting with prospective customers to keep abreast of market trends. Cameo R&D personnel regularly attend trade shows to focus on network managers’ needs and reseller’s priorities. At Cameo, dialogue with customers, resellers and standards organizations is carried out and integrated into company planning on a daily basis.

Let’s win together

Adherence to standards, a must for maintaining interoperability, can result in commodity-like products that lack noticeable differentiation. By designing custom ICs, Cameo broke price barriers in a market with commodity characteristics. Cameo has successfully met the challenges of marketing new high-tech products. Our efforts were initially directed toward the US market, with the Pacific rim and Europe following closely behind. We stuck to our initial market strategy through the difficult start-up phase, and this has paid off in market presence. Cameo maintains close relationships with its sales channels and meets their needs in a timely fashion. Our marketing programs will appeal to network integrators, distributors, VARs and other resellers, and our promotional efforts emphasize our products’ price/performance ratio, state-of-the-art features and incomparable design.

Company Brief

Founded : January, 1991
Business : Networking Equipments ( OEM/ODM Expert )
H. Q. : Neihu, Taipei, Taiwan
Factory : SuZhou( China )
Liaison Office : Shen-Zhen, China
Revenue : US$ 360 millions ( 2004 )
Capital : US$ 55 millions
Employee : 600 Taipei, 900 SuZhou Plant


Company Strategy

  • Focus
    • Product : Wireless Products, Ethernet Products, Broadband Products
    • Channel : ODM / OEM
  • Quality
    • Design Quality
    • Production Quality
    • Service Quality
  • Efficiency
    • Product Developing
    • Program Management
  • Partnership
    • Customers
    • Suppliers


At Cameo Communications, Inc., we’ve adopted very strict quality policy procedures to ensure total excellence in product development, quality control, technical support and customer service. We take great pride in our company’s record in quality management, and we continuously strive for improvement according to our customer’s requirements and demands. At Cameo Communications, Inc. we’re absolutely committed to upholding a very high standard of quality.


品質管理系統 符合要求與有效性並持續改善,以滿足客戶的需求。

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